Elgin offers the following products to clients

Sales and Services

Elgin Flameproofing offers a number of services to new and existing clients

Flameproof Systems

Elgin supplies water-cooled diesel engine flameproof systems, wet type scrubbing systems, dry type scrubbing system and combined manifold/exhaust systems

Diesel Engines

Elgin supplies water-cooled diesel engines either naturally aspirated, turbo charged or electronic versions.  Some of the more common water-cooled diesel engines that Elgin has designed, manufactured and supplied flameproof systems for include: ADE, CAT, Daewoo, Ford, Isuzu, John Deere, Kubota, Lister Petter, Mitsubishi, New Holland, Nissan, Perkins, Toyota, and Yanmar.

OEM Diesel Powered Machines

We design, manufacture and supply diesel engine flameproof systems for OEM diesel powered machines.  These include Buses, Chock Haulers, Concrete Mixing Mobile Machines, Conveyer Belt reclaimers, Cranes, Drill Rigs, Engine Power Packs, Excavators, Forklifts, Gensets, Graders, Gunite Machines, Haulers, Jeeps, LHD’s, Locomotives, MPV’s, Personnel Carriers, Road Compactors, Road Sweepers, Roof Bolters, Service Vehicles, Skid steer Loaders, Telehandlers, Tractors and Water Pump Sets.

Shutdown systems and components

We supply flameproof diesel engine safety shutdown systems and components.  These include diesel fuel shutoff valves; system oil pressure orifices; engine coolant temperature shutdown valves; coolant high temperature shutdown valves; engine coolant system loss shutdown valves; scrubber box low water shut down valve; exhaust gas high temperature thermal shut down valves – glass capsule type; scrubber box water feed header tank low water shut down valve

Spark Arrestors

Elgin supplies air intake spark arrestors and exhaust system spark arrestors

Electrical System Components

Elgin supplies flameproof electrical system components which include LED lights; hour meters; hooters; electric fuel pump enclosures and various other electrical enclosures

Starter Systems

Elgin supplies hydraulic and pneumatic flameproof starter systems

Catalytic Convertors

Elgin supplies water-cooled approved catalytic converters for diesel engine flameproof systems


Full specialised technical product support field service on our Elgin tractors and Elgin flameproof systems fitted to OEM machinery

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